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La Piscine

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Reopened in 2001, La Piscine is a remarkable museum of art and industry. Moreover, it is a venue filled with life, where people like to come and unwind around the pool. One can sit for hours and enjoy the sculptures, the sun shining through the rose window; let your hand brush through the water, an air of music drifts through the air. Whether by day or by night, La Piscine will fill you with wonder. For many years now, the olympic, Art Deco pool has no longer been used for bathing yet there is still a vivid feeling in the place, enhanced by sound effects of children laughing and splashing that play intermittently. Once a local landmark for bathers, La Piscine has been transformed into an atypic venue that blends fine art and modern installations. When closed, the museum can be used as a venue for different events. The pool area can be turned into a reception area and can host 500 people standing or 300 seated. The temporary exhibition hall, the auditorium and restaurant may also be used to plan your occasion.

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Métropole Lilloise
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Pool - 300 persons seated, 500 standing

Auditorium - 100 seated

Le lieu :

In the heart of the museum, surrounded by wonderful decor, the pool area is convertible; indeed the pool can be covered in order to organise a large capacity event - 500 persons standing and 300 seated.

The temporary exhibition hall is equally available for events, when the museum schedule permits. This hall joins the auditorium which has the necessary audiovisual facilities.


A catering service can be provided by the restaurant Meert but, of course, you are free to choose your own.