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Le Kipstadium

Présentation :

If you are searching for an ideal and atypical location to host your business meetings, parties or seminars, the Kipstadium is the place for you !

Located just a few minutes from Lille, this venue features three rooms hosting from 8 to 60 people as well as a restaurant.

But the Kipstadium isn't just a reception venue, it is also a meeting point for team sports, tournaments and any informal gathering around football, rugby, handball and many other sports.

This venue conveys sporting values such as respect, solidarity, hard-work and listening to others.

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Métropole lilloise
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Capacity : 8 to 60 people 

Le lieu :

The venue features three rooms :

The Salle Manschaft hosting 40 people in theatre setting and 16 people in U.

The Salle Seleçao hosting 60 people in theatre setting and 32 people in U.

The Salle Manschaft hosting 8 people in U.