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Le Studio

Présentation :

The studio is an atypical venue in the heart of Lille.

In this old spinning mill, creativity and imagination are the key words for this artistic venue. Whether you come by day or by night, this venue will always surprise you and captivate you with its different photography and painting exhibitions.


Whether you have an artistic temperament or not, you will be captivated by this venue's innovative exhibition concept. Stroll down open corridors, look left, right, downwards and you will find yourself admiring numerous photographic works. 


In this vibrant venue, you will notice that the structure of the location corresponds to that of a former textile mill due to its steel beams and wood flooring.


The venue consists of a 206 seat auditorium and eight areas that can host from 80 to 1500 people.

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Métropole lilloise
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Auditorium capacity : 206 seats.

8 spaces from 80 to 1500 people.

Le lieu :

The Studio has an artistic heart. In this spacious venue enjoy the numerous photography exhibitions.It is a calm place where you can take your time. Due to our convertible spaces and auditorium we can guarantee that your event will take place under the best conditions.